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Upcoming Punctuation Class

Just checking in to remind you that the punctuation class is starting this Saturday. This is your chance to put all of those rules into some sort of order so that they hang together better -- witho...
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How Verbatim Do You Want to Be?

Number form in some instances depends upon the answer to the question "How verbatim do you want to be?" If the witness says "...a hundred fifteen...," whether you put the number into words or figu...
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More on the Word "So" -- Even If We Don't Even Want to Go There Again

Facebook had a couple of interesting questions/examples on "so." SO I thought it would be good to take a look at them. This is my answer to the questions about the word "so" in the FB sentence belo...
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Interesting Rule from the "Chicago Manual of Style"

Another take on the word "so": In 5.210 of CMOS, "Interjections and functional variations": "... most parts of speech may be used as interjections. A word that is classified as some other part of s...
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Does "-ly" Always Mean an Adverb?

I had a question in my grammar class last night that I want to address. It is true that very often a word that ends in -ly is an adverb. We actually add the -ly to the adjective form of many words...
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Watch Out for the Run-On

Remember that, even though there are little short sentences, they are still sentences if they have their own subject and verb and can stand alone. Punctuating them with a comma creates a run-on. ....
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Link for the Free Class on Commas

Here is the link for the class for tomorrow night: You should be able to register for the class at this link. Happy punctuating! Margie
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Free Class on the Basics of Commas

Through my just-launched Margie Holds Class, I am going to be offering a free class on Tuesday evening, entitled “What Should I Know About Commas?” Truth be known, I want to practice with my new si...
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Time Out for a Personal Ad

It's here! We are launching Margie Holds Class, my very own "school" -- after 52 years of teaching, I think it must be time! Seriously, this is a platform on my website, where I will teach all of m...