...I object to his being here... and Other Correct Forms

Sometimes we "like" something that is not correct just because so many people say it incorrectly that we have become used to it. The who/whom question comes to mind. Many do not use these correctly...

The Word "The" in Front of a Surname

We so often see the apostrophe used in the wrong place. Here I want to talk about just one of those instances. When the word the is used in front of a surname, the name HAS to be plural. We do no...

Greetings from Florida

Just checking in from Sarasota, Florida. Off to Clearwater this afternoon for the Florida Court Reporters Association convention this weekend. Hope to meet some of you there. Just wondering what y...
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The Day for Dads

Why is it "father's day" and not "fathers' day"? Happy Father's Day??? There is more than one father that we are celebrating.