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A Comma Before the Quote

I am BACK!! I hope your holidays were glorious. Mine were lovely even though I was really down and out sick with a throat "thing." I think that, after almost three weeks, I am finally getting bett...

The Quotation Mark and Caps

The rule is that the first word of a quote is capped if it begins a grammatically complete thought or anything that stands for a complete thought. Otherwise, it is lowercase. ...Q Where were you ...
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Made-Up Words

When a word is made up but it has a normal, regular English spelling, put a pair of quotes around it rather than using sic or verbatim to point it out as an error. ...She was just acting "obliviat...
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Oops!! Oops!! Oops!!

It should be ...Q So, "No," you don't know? Or, "No," there weren't any left? Happy punctuating! Margie
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"Do you know?" and Others

When a question like "Do you know?" or "Do you recall?" is tacked on at the end of another question, use an interrog for both questions. ...How close were you to the edge of the road? Do you know?...
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Made-Up Words

When someone makes up a word that looks like an English word and can be readily spelled, the rule is that the word should be quoted. There is no need to use after such a word. The quotes clue the ...
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Periods and Commas and Quotes

Periods and commas go inside of quotes WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS in the entire language. Whether it is one word or one letter or a number or a long quote, the period and the comma go inside. ...When ...
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Quotes for a Made-Up Word

When a word is made up but has all the characteristics of an English word -- dramastically, considerated -- spell it correctly and use a pair of quotes around it. There is not a need to use sic. T...
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Quote Marks After the Word "That"

The rule about no quotes after the word "that" is for good grammar. After the word "that" in good grammar, the words should be an indirect quote or a paraphrase. In "bad" grammar, people get to sa...