"A" Hundred" versus "One" Hundred

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When the words are "a" hundred or "a" thousand, there is a problem for the person who
wishes to keep it as close to verbatim as possible. Technically, "a hundred" and "a
thousand" are not numbers and should be transcribed as words.

...It was bigger than a thousand.
...He gave more than a hundred percent of his time.

When this occurs in a string of numbers, you have an editorial decision to make. If you
are going to stick with "a hundred," then all the numbers have to be in figures. Otherwise,
you are going to transcribe "100" in figures.

Assuming he said "a hundred,

...He sent 45, 76, 98, and 100 of them the first week.
...He sent forty-five, seventy-six, ninety-eight, and a hundred of them the first week.

The decision is yours.

Happy punctuating!