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A members-only community for those who love the nuance of punctuation and grammar and seek to find correct answers with confidence for everyday questions that arise in the English language. Post a sentence from a transcript; ask a question about a comma rule; get clarity on homonyms. The page is unique in that Margie explains the rules behind the issues.

In addition, there is a monthly workshop, where there is lively discussion of all things English. After a short presentation on a relevant topic, Margie opens up the session for questions.

Members of this subscription also receive a 10 percent discount on all books and classes.


Margie’s Masterclass (Earn CEUs)

"Margie's Masterclass" is an exclusive series of bimonthly live classes designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of the English language. Each session, led by Margie herself, covers a range of topics from intricate grammar rules to punctuation nuances and everything in between. As a member, you'll engage in interactive learning, have the opportunity to ask real-time questions, and apply these insights directly to your writing and editing.

Additionally, these sessions provide the valuable opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), making it perfect for professionals looking to advance their careers while refining their command of the English language.

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Join Margie’s English Corner, Margie’s private Facebook group, where you will have access to a wealth of valuable information and insights into the language that are unique to this site. Among other information to enhance your language and communication skills, learn from “A Minute with Margie,” a series of short recordings on a variety of those issues that haunt so many of us about the language. Connect with your fellow language enthusiasts, and stay updated on the latest from Margie.