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Margie offers a variety of live online classes: one-hour classes on specific topics, two- to four-hour classes on topics that require a little more study, eight- to ten-hour classes on grammar and sentence structure, and a twenty-hour comprehensive class on punctuation. These classes offer CEUs, (which may require an additional filing cost from the organization).

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Margie offers online seminars for groups, providing a platform for remote participation from anywhere while she's in Los Angeles. These sessions facilitate interactive presentations and Q&A opportunities. Furthermore, she maintains a monthly newsletter with information on online classes and products along with engaging articles and language insights. Margie also has a members-only website where she shares exclusive content with members.

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Margie began teaching in 1964 and joined the court reporting world twelve years later. She taught the machine and all aspects of English for traditional programs before establishing her own online school in 2015. She is the author of English-related books that present practical solutions for applying standard English rules to the spoken word. Through Margie Holds Court, she teaches classes, presents for state and national organizations, authors a blog on all things English, and runs a subscription service to answer daily questions.

It seems that no matter how many times I attend one of Margie’s sessions, I always come away with new information and a better understanding of how to more effectively do my job.


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When “then” means “at that time,” it does not take a comma as it is an adverb. ...He was then on his way to becoming successful. ...I saw them and then began to wonder what would happen. If "then...

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Just letting you know that I am doing a free class on the word "so" tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. Pacific time. Go to to register. Happy punctuating! Margie

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This construction always causes consternation and no end of disagreement. This is my understanding of the way English grammar works. It is never correct to use a single separating comma between th...