"I’ve had the pleasure of attending Margie’s seminars as well as engaging her to present tailored classes for the reporting staff that I supervised in the United States House of Representatives. Her command of the rules of grammar and punctuation are unmatched, and her teaching style is straightforward and imbued with her natural charm and humor. She is the go-to English expert in our world of court reporting. Her presentations are captivating, and her books are invaluable tools for all in our profession." - Joe Strickland, RPR, CRR, CRC, Chief, Office of Official Reporters (Retired) U.S. House of Representatives

"I turn to Margie and Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation with every job I do and class I teach. The guide stands along with all the major style guides of English with two important distinctions: It includes focus specific to the reporting transcript and – unlike any other guide I know – provides not only the “what” to do but also the “why.” Through Margie, punctuation becomes the natural result of understanding sentence structure rather than guesswork or memorization of isolated rules. I also know Margie as a teacher, and she is outstanding. Her in-person presentations are lively and consummately prepared — who would think of a punctuation class as fun? Her online classes share the same with an even greater level of interactive exchange between Margie and her students. Both are highly recommended." - Val M. Cox, CRI, Reporter, editor, reporting instructor

"From my Bryan College of Court Reporting days 40 years ago to today, Margie’s teaching and clarity as to English rules have been the single biggest contribution to my successful career. And now that she has online courses and a monthly subscription page, this newer access allows me to edit and produce my transcripts with confidence that every line is punctuated correctly. Thank you, Margie, for your dedication to everyone’s career." - Steven Kosmata, CSR, Official, San Diego Superior Court

"It seems that no matter how many times I attend one of Margie’s sessions, I always come away with new information and a better understanding of how to more effectively do my job. Her method of entertaining delivery of a mundane subject like punctuation and grammar makes me always want more of the knowledge she delivers. She is one of our treasures in the court reporting world." - Sue Terry, FAPR/RPR/CRR/CRC