A Parenthetical

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I was recently asked about surrounding "for one" in the sentence "I for one want to...." If the reason for commas is that "for one" is a parenthetical, then the answer is no commas. Remember that an element which is truly a parenthetical has to able to fit anywhere in the sentence AND fit into any sentence that you use. If you want commas because it is a parenthetical, then these two criteria must be met. Take "at the time" as a possible parenthetical. We could probably put in anywhere in the sentence where we are using it. ...At the time, we had to take her to the hospital. (This comma is for clarity so that we do not misread the subject and verb as part of a clause modifying time.) ...We had at the time to take her to the hospital. ...We had to take her at the time to the hospital. ...We had to take her to the hospital at the time. Though some of these might be a bit awkward, there are no commas required. However, "at the time" does not fit into any sentence we might say. ...I wish you at the time a Happy Thanksgiving. ...The exhibit at the time is to be marked 5. ...When did he call you at the time? Since it doesn't really fit in these sentences, it is not a true parenthetical and does not need commas around it in any of the sentences. Remember that an element can have commas around it for reasons other than being a parenthetical. The answer is "I for one do not..." does not need commas. Happy punctuating! Margie