After "Yes" and "No"

Let's keep it simple: If the words after "yes" and "no" echo/repeat the words of the question, use a comma. ...Did you clock in that morning as usual? ...Yes, I did. ...No, I did not. ...Were you with your brother? ...Yes, I was with my brother. ...No, I wasn't. Use a period for everything else. ...Did you clock in that morning as usual? ...No. I was ten minutes late. ...Yes. I was never late. ...Were you with your brother? ...No. He stayed home. ...Yes. My sister joined us also. NOTE: The words but and because don't change this. ...Did you leave at 5:00? ...Yes. But I seemed to be the only one. ...No. Because I had an appointment, I left at 4:30. This makes this a simple issue where agonizing over punctuation does not really buy you extra readability. Happy punctuating -- and wishing you a safe and celebratory Fourth of July! Margie