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For those who want to add "so" and "yet" to the list of coordinate conjunctions: I have never had anyone be able to explain to me how that follows the way sentences work. I believe this is an error. Tossing out the word "for" because it is a very obscure meaning that makes it a coordinate conjunction, I would address "and," "but," "or," and "nor."

These four words are conjunctions. They link nouns and verbs and prepositional phrases. "So" and "yet" cannot do that because they are not truly conjunctions; they are adverbs. Only when we pull the adverb out in the front of the sentence does it become a conjunction.

A coordinate conjunction can link ANYTHING that is grammatically equal. "So" and "yet" cannot do that and are not, in my opinion, coordinate conjunctions. They are conjunctive adverbs, which have to have a semicolon or period in front of them. Happy punctuating! Margie