Compound words are best kept together on the same line. If the word is real estate or high school, it is best that the first word not be on one line and the second word on the next line. It is best to leave the ZIP code with the state and to leave the time figure with the word o'clock. It is absolutely mandatory not to put a title (either in front of a name or after) and the name on two lines. ...I worked alongside Dr. Jonas Nelson last year. :-( ...We called upon Barry Whitson III to assist. :-( It is absolutely mandatory not to put the month and the date on two lines nor to put the time and A.M. or P.M. on two lines. ...I believe that it occurred on March 6 of last year. :-( ...We arrived there a little after 8:00 P.M. :-( Happy punctuating! Margie