"Punctuation Precision"

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Many of you have expressed a desire for a more comprehensive seminar on punctuation -- more in depth, so to speak. So I have put together a webinar for this fall that becomes a "course" in punctuation. We will begin with sentence structure and move through the various marks of punctuation: the period, question mark, quotation mark, colon, dash, semicolon, and comma. Along the way, we will include number form, the hyphen, apostrophe, and even a little capitalization.

It will be ten two-hour sessions online, beginning in August and running through October. The sessions have been preapproved by NCRA for CEUs. Though you must register for the entire course, CEU's will be awarded for each session. If you miss a session and want the CEUs, you may listen and write and in-depth summary of the content and still get the credit.

Here is the link for more information about cost, dates, and registration. At just over $21 a unit, this is a great deal financially and invaluable for your ability to punctuate more efficiently.


Happy punctuating!