Questions of the Day: "Because" and Email Addresses

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These are two questions I have answered this morning: I hate "because" clauses. Does this get a comma? "I am not asking about conversations you had with your attorney because that's privileged. A clause that starts with "because" is an adverb clause. When an adverb clause is at the end of the unit it modifies, it does NOT take a comma. We will be talking about clauses a lot here. What about email addresses? How should they be transcribed? Though I have not researched this topic, I believe they should be entered into the transcript exactly as they are entered into the TO box for an email, in other words, all jammed together and with caps or no caps depending upon what the address looks like as constructed. My hope, in posting some of the questions and answers here, is that we all benefit from the information. Happy punctuating. Margie