RIP Jim Barker

On a personal note: It has been a very sad week for me. Jim Barker, of Searchmaster, passed away suddenly on Thursday.

Jim and I interacted almost every day and have for a couple of years on his forum on FB. We shared a love of the language and an insistence that it be used and punctuated correctly.

Jim was a controversial kind of guy, but he was passionate about the language and this field. He dedicated his life to helping reporters. Many reporters use his Searchmaster program daily.

He will be missed, and I have to share this quote with you from the hundreds of remembrances that have been posted on FB.

“If any person on earth is in the arms of Jesus right now, it is Jim Barker. He is probably pointing out typos and grammar errors in the Holy Bible to our good Lord.”

I will be back to business on Monday.

Happy punctuating!