Time Out for a Personal Ad

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It's here! We are launching Margie Holds Class, my very own "school" -- after 52 years of teaching, I think it must be time! Seriously, this is a platform on my website, where I will teach all of my online classes. It will eventually hold both my recorded and live classes. For now, this is where we are starting:

My first course, Good Grammar (Finally!), starts on April 3, 2016. The class will meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays through May. It is a 20-hour class that covers the basics of grammar. Your job is so much easier when you know the basics of how the language works.

Register in the school -- there is no obligation -- and read about the grammar class. From there, you can register for the grammar class. Sign up early to read the course requirements and prepare your computer for the classroom software. Registration is now open and will continue to be available until Sunday, April 3, at noon.

(And we will follow the grammar class with a 20-hour punctuation class.)

You can reach Margie Holds Class by going to www.margieholdscourt.com and choosing "SCHOOL." Or you can go to margieholdscourt.teachable.com.

Happy punctuating!