Transcribing the Email Address

Well, it was quite a week. We flew to West VA on Monday, where the leaves have started to turn -- beautiful drive to and from Pittsburgh. Tuesday was a great day with a great group, and they survived seven hours of punctuation! We had a great time. Back to L.A. on Wednesday and off to Palm Desert on Thursday for CCRA -- beautiful spot, great convention. Yesterday was about early church, sleep, and answering a week's worth of mail.

At both conventions this last week, I was asked about transcribing an email address. My advice is to transcribe it as you would type it into the URL line, that is, the symbol for "at," a period for the word "dot," et cetera. It would seem to be the only thing that makes sense for the purpose of readability.

See you all in WA state later this week.

Happy punctuating!