What About Philly? Was It Terrific?

Oh, yes, it was. The many hugs were the best part. Great to see old friends; great to meet new people. Thanks for your hard work, Doug. Tami, you are going to have a great year! We are behind you. CCR people, I have missed you -- fun to see you and get to chat at least a little. Pizza party was the highlight. I had a great time at my punctuation workshop. I am sure that we had the most fun of anyone who attended any seminar. Thanks to all who chose to spend the day with commas and quotes and the like! To all of you who came by the booth, great to see you. Thanks for liking the book and downloading my app. And thanks to my brother who did most of the work. And, yes, the title of this blog is punctuated perfectly. What about... and how about..., idiomatic in nature, are used to ask questions. There is an interrog after, and the second question stands on its own. ...What about John? Was he there? ...How about the meal? Did you finish it? Happy punctuating! Margie