"Who" or "Whom"?

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We continue with this dilemma, sometimes stretching to "look good." Here is a sentence from an article about the golf tournament over the weekend: ...The fact that so many cheered was confirmation of whom the people thought was the bad guy. Prior to this sentence in the article, there were a couple of mistakes: a verb left out of a sentence, a misplaced modifier -- indicative, I think, of an increasing decline in the way the language is used. So who or whom? And why? Because who/whom comes right after the preposition, the author probably thought it should be whom. The fact is the entire clause "whom...guy" is the object of the preposition. It is a noun clause. So how do you figure out who/whom? You turn the clause around and look at it in normal word order: ...the people thought who/whom was the bad guy... You see that you are looking for a subject. Put in he/him if that helps you. Who it is! Happy punctuating! Margie