Word Pairs Is an E-Book

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Over 2,000 word pairs with parts of speech, definitions, usage examples, and idioms – now just a click of the mouse away. Buy the word pairs book at www.margieholdscourt.com, and run it on any and all of your devices. Have it running in the background as you are editing so that you can quickly confirm whether it is “…has to forgo/forego that money…” or “…rack/wrack your brain….” What if you have rabbit, and you know that it is not a bunny and that we are not talking rabid? Quickly find rabbit, and you have that other elusive spelling that fits your context. And who among us doesn’t have to check affect and effect once in a while? This is how it works: Look up the word you know, the word you have in your notes. With just one click of the mouse, find that word, and the other possibilities will pop up with it. Once you buy the e-book, you will have it on all your devices, including the app to run on your smartphone, be it an iPhone or an android. Buy the word pairs e-book at a special introductory price of $45.00 – good until September 15. Use this code to get the special price when you purchase the book at www.margieholdscourt.com: ebookword. Happy punctuating! Margie