"Yes" and "No"

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I think we have done this recently, but here it is again. There are several rules floating around on what comes after yes and no. The easiest and simplest is this: When the words after yes and no echo or repeat the words in the question, use a comma. Otherwise, use a period.

...Q Were you there on Friday?
...A Yes, I was.
...A No, I wasn't.
...A Yes, I was there.
...A No, I wasn't there Friday.

...Q Were you there on Friday?
...A Yes. I got there at 10:00.
...A No. I was working.
...A Yes. But I didn't see him.
...A No. Because I was working.

...Q Were you there on Friday? ...A Yes. Correct. ...Q You were there Friday; is that correct?
...A Yes, correct.

There is no semicolon rule that works for this situation.
Happy punctuating! Margie